“. . . the ecliptic zodiac is the earth’s aura, and . . . the quadruplicities, triplicities and signs are sub-divisions brought into existence by the electric, magnetic, and other subtle forces that play in the matter of that aura.”


Alan Leo
Alan Leo

The Larousse Encyclopedia of Astrology (1980)nominates Alan Leo as “the father of modern astrology,” bringing a “hodgepodge of unsifted tradition” into the twentieth century, through his monthly Astrologer’s Magazine, medical and mundane astrology, and weather predicting.

He is credited with his role as pioneer in the fields of humanist astrology (see Dane Rudhyar, Marc Edmund Jones) and as “progenitor of...the Uranian system and Cosmobiology [Germany] and the Ram School in Holland.”

Alan Leo died August 30, 1917, 10:00 am, Bude, Cornwall, Great Britain.

Alan Leo


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